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Lacey And Lila Were Scared To Make The Initial Investment…

Even though these sisters were on the fence about joining IFCA because they didn’t have the initial investment money...⁣


After getting only halfway through IFCA, they were able to go from 3k months to over 12k months!

Matthew Had Tried Other Programs And Was Skeptical About Joining IFCA...

In only one month of IFCA, Matthew made $11,000.

Then, he jumped up to a 16K month and is on track to reach 20k next month!⁣ ⁣


He was able to spend more time with his kids and less time in the gym, all while scaling his business.

Ashley Was Struggling With Gaining Her Dream Clients…

When she started IFCA, Ashley had zero clients. But, after completing our course, she was able to identify her ideal target- dancers. 

After gaining her confidence back (and recovering from imposter syndrome), she has a constantly growing list of ideal clients on her team!

Casey was tired of being a slave to her own business, but didn’t know how to decrease her 60 hr/week workload…

After IFCA, she learned how to implement systems and hire assistants that allowed her to step more into the CEO role of her business and take breaks when needed. 


She has not only gained financial freedom through this course, but she has also gained an immense amount of time and confidence back. She now enjoys her free time with friends and family, rather than focusing on her online coaching business 24/7.

Leif Thought That He May Not Make His Investment Back Quickly...

He started his coaching career as an in-person trainer. But, Leif knew he needed to get into the online space and start his own business if he wanted to go further.


He also knew that he needed to invest in himself if he wanted to do this.


So, he invested in IFCA and earned his investment in only 2.5 months!

Kristina Was Scared That She May Be Wasting Money On Another Cookie-Cutter Plan...

After reframing her mindset of  being "scared to waste money,” to " if I'm not willing to invest in myself, why would my clients invest in me,” Kristna took the jump and invested in IFCA.


Since then, she's gone from being stuck at 5K months and unsure of how to scale her business to making back her investment for IFCA in just 4 weeks!

Amber didn’t know how to let go of everything that needed to be done daily within her business...

Before IFCA, she struggled to manage all of her online coaching tasks, and didn’t have the bandwidth for everything, which led her into a spiral of stress turmoil.

With IFCA, Amber was able to fix the systems within her business, began delegating tasks, and successfully scaled to 30K months.

Jocelyn Wasn't Sure If IFCA Would Work For Her...

Jocelyn had some systems set up in her business, but wasn’t really sure how to find and connect to her clients.


She thought IFCA could help, but was scared that maybe it wouldn’t work for her.

But, after only 4 weeks in IFCA, Jocelyn was able to go from only $300 months, up to a 5k month!

Leslie Was Trying To Escape Her Former Job As A  Former Family Medicine Provider, But Didn’t Know If She Could Afford IFCA…

After signing up, she gained five clients in only six weeks of IFCA!


As she reached burnout from her former profession, she knew something had to change. So, she put her IFCA investment on a credit card and gave it a try.


Now, not only was she able to gain back more time with her family, she now absolutely LOVES her job!

“How Do I Know You’re Not Just Another Failed Fitness Coach Turned Biz Coach?”

Damn, I Get That… You Should Be Skeptical Of Internet Folks. So Here's An Attempt To Decrease That Skepticism.

I’m Erin Dimond and I started my online coaching business back in 2013. I grew this business from 0-500k/ year, and at one point I was adding 60 new clients per month... entirely from Instagram.

I sustained this growth up through 2017, and then teamed up with my boyfriend, Jordan, who also became a highly successful online coach. 

Soon after we began dating, we were recruited onto the reality TV show, “America’s Fittest Couples”, where we stayed in a mansion with 12 other couples, all competing in insanely intense challenges, in hopes of winning the top spot as THE fittest couple.

Although we got eliminated, this experience quickly proved to us just how well we worked together- in all the challenges that life may throw!


We figured out how strong of a team we truly did make.

So, we combined companies… and GOT MARRIED! [This is when the fun really began]

Together, we launched Transform 2Gether Systems and with three consecutive launches, it turned out to be very successful.

We even travelled  around the U.S. teaching seminars to coaches who wanted to get better results for their clients!

In 2020, we decided to combine our companies to form Transform 4Ever Systems- which, on its first week of launch, brought in:


➡️ 497 Applications

➡️ 123 Booked Calls

➡️ 94 New Clients

  • $267,900.00 Contracted/ 100k Collected

All through 100% organic marketing! (No cold dm’s, paid ads, or funnels!)

So… not only do we help teach online coaches the same systems and strategies we personally use, but unlike all of the business coaches in this space, we still own a thriving 7-figure online fitness coaching company- Transform 4Ever Systems (T4E)!

(Which currently works with more than 250 online clients around the world.


Our Current T4E Staff:

🔥 2 Full Time Registered Dietitians

🔥 2 Full Time Lifestyle Coaches

🔥 1 Full Time Hormone Expert

🔥 1 Full Time Training Programming Expert

In 2017, Jordan and I also started Impact Fitness Coaching Academy. Since then, we’ve worked with more than 625 online coaches, who are all either brand new and trying to get their businesses off the ground, all the way up to coaches who are already 6-figure earners, where we help them scale, hire teams, and grow well past 7 figures.

So, what we’ve done is taken all of our experiences, not only building our own 7+ figure online coaching company, but also coaching aspiring fitness entrepreneurs just like you and we’ve packaged our knowledge into a step-by-step system that can take someone who has never even coached a client and turn them into a high caliber, world renowned online fitness coach… in a very short time frame!

Not only will you get completely free coaching from me and Jordan, but you’ll also get access to our:


✅ Two Sales Coaches

✅ Copywriting Specialists

✅ Marketing and Branding Consultant

✅ Eight 1-1 Dedicated Success Coaches

✅ Our In-House Certified Mindset Specialist and Life Coach

There are hundreds of more success stories...

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I have no experience coaching, or personal training (online, or in person)?

Q: I've tried other programs and didn't get results, how do I know this will work?

Q: I'm scared to make this decision.

Q: I can't afford this program, is there anything that you can do for me?

Q: How can I position myself as an expert without case studies?

Q: How do I justify my pricing?

Q: Do you need to have a college degree to make a course?

Q: Do I need a following?

Q: How much money do I need to spend on ads?

Q: What if I need to ask someone for permission?

Q: Where does the program take place?

Q: How is this different from other courses?

Q: How much time do I need to commit?


A: There will be weekly calls that will last around 60-120 minutes. You’ll also be required to complete “homework” assignments. Outside of these commitments you can invest as little or as much time as you want into your business it just depends on how quickly you want it to grow. We also offer two “pod calls” where you will be joined by a small group of students to help support each week's goals, alongside unlimited 1-1 support. 


We are clear in saying: you can devote as much time as you choose, but the time devoted will also directly correlate with your success. 


The minimum amount of time needed to see a positive ROI would be around 5 hours per week. 

Q: What will I learn?

Questions? We're here for you. Email our Support Team at We want to help you!

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